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Hot Tub Chemicals

SpaCare hot tub chemicals by Marquis

hot tub sanitizers and more

There are a wide variety of products in the Marquis® SpaCare™ product line to accomplish this. They include Alkalinity Increaser, Brom Bank for Spas, Brominating Tablets, Calcium Increaser, Chlorinating Granules, Cover Cleaner, Defoamer, Jetline Cleaner, Metal & Stain Remover, Naturally Clear, pH & Alkalinity Decreaser, pH Increaser, Rapid Action Filter Cleaner, Shock Oxidizer, Spa Bright and Water Clarifier.

Protecting the bather is the most important aspect of water care. Sanitizers including Brominating Tablets and Chlorinating Granules are used to eliminate bacteria and viruses while Shock Oxidizer removes organic waste. Following a regular maintenance program is the single most effective way to keep the water clean and avoid problems.

Hot tub chemicals

hot tub care products

Before water is ever put in the tub the hot tub (after delivery or in between water exchanges) it should be cleaned. The SpaCare™ line has many producrs to help keep your hut tub and cover is amazing like new condition. We will highlight a few and their uses.

  • Spa Bright - All purpose degreaser and non-foaming cleaner for your hot tub.
  • Cover Cleaner - Cleaner and rejuvenator for vinyl covers to clean and restore.
  • Jetline Cleaner - Jetline Cleaner removes organics, oils, dirt, minerals and biofilm. It’s compatible with all sanitizers including biguanide, bromine, chlorine and ozone.

hot tub filtration

Regardless of where you live, source water will usually contain impurities that must be addressed. These include metals, minerals and phosphates. Bathers will bring additional impurities in the form of natural body oils, perspiration, various types of cosmetics not to mention the soaps used to wash their bathing suits.

Filtration is the key. Filtration is the process of removing suspended solids, dirt, oils and other impurities from the water. It’s a critical process to keep water clean and clear and often overlooked in spa care. But, regular maintenance is required to keep optimum filter performance. SpaCare™ offers products to keep you ahead of the game and your filter system working as needed.

  • Rapid Action Filter Cleaner - lifts the oils and greases, minerals and scale embedded into the filter to the surface for sraying off with a hose.
  • Water Clarifier - A long chain cationic polymer designed to improve filter performance by coagulating small particulate matter into larger particles to be captured by the filter. This is made specifically for a hot tub and is compatible with every type of sanitizer system.
  • Naturally Clear - This is an enzyme, which is a catalyst that accelerates a chemical reaction. These enzymes encapsulate oils in the waterso the filter can capture them then begin to chemically break them down. Naturally Clear helps keep water clear, reduces odors and aids sanitizers.